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gamebox3000 wrote

One Piece-ish I'm not that far in.

+Fights cops


+Helps people out of solidarity

-The longer the show goes on the more I'm convinced Nami has a medical condition


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

+ pirates

+ a dystopian world government to fight

+ even the 'good' cops are shown to be bad insofar as they are cops.

+ more stuff I can't think of at the moment.

One Piece is definitely anarchist, but not about anarchism, and though it starts off quite badly it's by far the best anime I've seen.


Trashman wrote

Well the wiki has ‘Revolutionary Girl Utena’ which I haven’t watched but I trust raddle


UnbanTwin wrote

While RGU isn't directly about Anarchist, Socialism, or politics in general. It's a wonderful feminist piece of work, that deals with a lot of different themes, some of which are political.


martasultan wrote

I think it would mainly be a feminist piece of work, as opposed to one about anarchism directly; it does have some political themes, which certainly don't align with right-wing ideals, but its mainly feminist in nature.


martasultan wrote

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is pretty anti-authoritarian, with the only governments in the show being either traitors or oppressors from the start. It's probably my favorite anime of all time, as well.

It's not very good with how it manages women, though, and has a lot of fanservice for basement guys.


RevolutionaryCatalonia wrote

Psycho pass has a lot of thought put into it and arguments about the freedom of people. It's about cops finding out the true nature of who they serve. Plus there are some anarchists in the series.


Freux wrote

I've heard of Texhnolyze having some form of communism, maybe even anarchism, I've never watched it so correct me if I'm wrong. It's been on my "watchlist" for far too long.

+1 to One Piece, I've only read the manga and stopped because I got bored but it's probably the best of it's kind.

+1 Little Witch Academia, even though it's not explicitly about those themes it has some elements.

+1 Psycho-pass (season 1)

+1 Gurren Lagann, it's amazing but it has lots of problem as /u/martasultan mentioned.


md_ wrote

Not anime, and not about Anarchism, but there's a manga about the Japanese Marxist-Leninist United Red Army which was active briefly in the 1970s.

Red (YAMAMOTO Naoki)

I found out about it from this post.