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Tequila_Wolf wrote

How simple/complex, on average, is the reasoning by which you form your political stances/opinions?

As complex as possible. I try to have my metaphysics and ethics compatible.

Can most things for you boil down to some simple idea?

In a sense! here are two:

  • outside mediation that pretends to be fixed or universal is bad, whether we're talking about the structuring of society or the structuring of our norms. (we can call this state forming or state thinking respectively)
  • capitalism incentivizes this by incentivising the creation of whole groups who can be treated as less than human.

Do you try to spend a lot of effort on nuanced ideas, or case-by-case specifics?


Are you more likely to immediately start thinking about what power structure(s) are at play in a given scenario, how they reinforce themselves, and how to dismantle them? Or are you more likely to start thinking about what harm is being caused (by those structures), and how to help the people being harmed? (or something other than those entirely?)

I don't think I consistently do one or the other. I try as much as possible to be in everything; seeing how each instance of anything I experience is part of and tied to structures

Is the former at risk of turning into a case of 'too much ideology, not enough praxis'? Is the latter just treating symptoms, and not the root cause?

Can be. I wouldn't know. There's no successful revolution to base the judgement on. Is my shot at a response.