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gone wrote (edited )

I've had some interesting conversations with Libertarians and also learned useful information with them. I can get along with them as acquaintances and even develop real respect for them that I could never feel for Republicans or less extreme members of the right.

Could I work with them to defeat the most toxic elements of the State?

Have I done so in the past? It was kind of unavoidable not to completely "otherize" them while homeschooling children as a low income single mother in the '90s and '00s. The liberals just assumed I would want to enroll my kids in a charter school's homestudy program for the $1,200 per kid per year stipend for shiny pretty "cirricular" and herded me off to where they thought the riff raff belonged.

So I learned to find common ground with the Libertarians. We defeated some bills together. Dug some textbooks out of the trash together. Raised our kids together. Lost our religions together. Escaped some toxic marriages together. Lived through some history together.

Ultimately we failed. Maybe you don't see it that way since "homeschooling is one of the fastest growing markets for the charter school and publishing industries" but the word doesn't mean the same thing any more.

The Corporations won. I can't tell you how to homeschool your children. I don't have the slightest idea how to even get on the waitlist for that program or whether you even qualify for it unless you buy a house in a more upscale neighbourhood.

And you're asking me if I can imagine working with these people to save a country or a world when we couldn't even save an obscure small grassroots fringe movement for extremely minor personal social change?