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martasultan wrote

I think I would work with mutualists or Georgists, and a lot of right-libertarians align closely with mutualism. Other than that, there isn't much a chance once you start moving further right.


heckthepolice wrote

Yeah, the "libertarian" right can kinda be divided into two broad categories: there's the misguided folks who actually are interested in freedom but don't really understand that there are better options than capitalism, who are closer to Georgism, mutualism, individualist anarchism, etc. than to fascism and can potentially be reasoned with, and the awful cryptofascist ancrap types, who I don't think we should bother with at all. So it really depends on how exactly you define "libertarian right" (which is an oxymoron anyway)


martasultan wrote

Basically that, yeah. I still have the thesis that they're either misguided anarchists or fascists who haven't yet read Mussolini.