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Faolinbean wrote

No, because their goals are disgusting and I'm not going to help them achieve any part of it

If it somehow could be guaranteed that whatever came out of this unholy alliance was for sure going to be the ancom utopia we hope for instead of like, enslaving people into hardcore capitalism with no rules, then maybe. maybe.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

My view is that the libertarian right leads to big government anyway. If you somehow try to dismantle big government but leave strong property laws in place, the oligarchs will just buy themselves a new big government.

As far as I can tell, that's the story of the 19th century American industrial revolution in a nutshell. Basically none of the regulations around business or worker rights that we have today existed. The mine owners, factory owners, rail owners, and oil well owners basically bought local legislators, law enforcement, and judges and then enslaved the rest of the population.