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ziq wrote

No because capitalists and big government are synonymous. One doesn't work without the other. What's the point of taking out the state without also taking out it's masters?


conishuser OP wrote

one could also say the same thing about communists though. Pointing to examples such as stalin. At the core of each ideology this would be untrue for both examples however, but you would be correct in saying this is what both examples usually devolvolve into.


ziq wrote (edited )

Stalin practiced capitalism, same as you. And he was damned good at it, too. I'm surprised you lot don't idolize him for being so good at making a massive profit off of workers labor. He was even more successful than Lenin, another great capitalist.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote (edited )

You have a common misunderstanding of communism. Someone more knowledgeable on the topic can correct me, but this is how I understand it:

Karl Marx's idea was that first the working class would unite and establish a socialist government to dismantle all of the capitalist class institutions, and then the socialist government would relinquish power to allow each individual community to govern itself independently with little or no central government left. The individual self-governing communities represent communism. Communism is not a strong central government. The problem is that once the socialist government has power, it never relinquishes it. Hence Stalin, and Mao, and so forth. Socialism fails into authoritarianism.

Anarcho-communists want to get to communism without going through Marx's intermediate (and in their view, inescapably doomed to fail) socialist step. We dismantle capitalism and centralized government directly without creating a centralized government to do it for us. One of the most famous early Anarcho-communist philosophers was Mikhail Bakunin, who told Marx that socialism would fail in the 1860s - fifty years before Stalin took control.

Anyone care to correct me on that? Did I screw up anywhere?