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MrPotatoeHead wrote

American's aren't ready for anything other than far left and far right extremes at this time. Anger seems to be popular. Maybe in a couple of years the US will grow tired of extreme bickering and find some sort of middle ground, one where the people wake up and stop voting for who the two big parties tell them to vote for, lobbyists are outlawed, and corporations stop overpaying the crooked CEO's they have. Maybe.


rot wrote

Ah yes the middle ground between Anarchy and fascism. If only we could take some elements of communism and some elements of capitalism and combine them but that has never happened :P

Why are centrists so bad at history?


GaldraChevaliere wrote

That'd imply there was any righteousness in a middle ground between freedom and slavery to begin with.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

The fact that you're calling Democrats far left is a sign that the far right is the current victor.

The Clintons and Obamas are miles to the right of FDR, and FDR wasn't a socialist or communist.