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ziq wrote (edited )

Why would 'we' be against any religion? How is someone's spiritual beliefs any of our fucking business? Being against the rulers of religions (like the pope) isn't the same as being against the people that follow the religion.

someone who follows islam suggests that they can not support lgbt people because it "goes against their relgion" becomes more supportive of them than lgbt people

Bullshit. I'm no fan of the 'left' but no leftist tells LGBTQ people to shut up and take oppression from an authoritarian bigot, whatever religion they use to justify their bigotry (Christianity most often). You're just spewing the usual far right talking points from the boring bright-white echo chambers that are insulated from the real world.

All you know about the left is what chucklehead rich white boys that have never had a bad day in their lives meme about the left on voat.


conishuser wrote

I never said this is all of the left though, just a small faction of it. I put left in quotes for a reason. You would have to be a fool indoctrinated by voat to believe this is how most of it is.

But their are segmants of the left that are like this is my point.

Also imo religion is a structure of leaders is it not? Spirituality is ones own beliefs. I could phrase what you are saying as "I dislike the people in the government but I dont actually dislike the government". It makes no sence. Part of going after the corrupt leaders is going after the corrupt institutions they lead too. It would be like killing trump to get rid of corruption, but then holding another "election"right afterwards and electing another person from one of the two parties.


ziq wrote (edited )

No it's like hating citizens for their state's actions.

Worshippers aren't in the 'government' (clergy). Hating worshippers for their rulers' (clergy) actions is like hating all Americans for their genocidal state's actions.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

I'm non-religious and generally opposed to almost all religious belief structures. But to be fair, religion does not require hierarchy. The Unitarian Universalists and some variants of Buddhism, for example, don't have a hierarchy of authority.

You'll find the left very splintered, and thus zig has no regard for members of the left that would prioritize a defense of Islam over GLBTQ+ rights.