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ziq wrote (edited )

My brother described his intentional community as analagous to being married to a whole lot of people and marriages can be like prisons.

That's giving me some anxiety. I don't think I'd like having people all up in my shit. I know I hated having roommates in college and would only leave my room to prepare food when they had all gone to sleep to avoid having to talk to them. Or I'd stay in the library until it closed at 1am to avoid them.

I always get shit from the collectivists on here when I voice antisocial sentiment like this.


OldHippieChick wrote

It's still reality.

He owned ten acres of land surrounded by common land and was constantly getting accused of living or growing food on the wrong side of the border.

They threatened to kill his dogs because they didn't know how prevalent ticks were in that area. It was too easy to blame the "weirdo with too many dogs" to be worth looking up basic information in the encyclopedia, I guess.

You've caught me on a particularly "I hate the world" day but this was a relatively well known back-to-the-land community that was founded in the late '70s with the best intentions and the highest ideals.