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ziq wrote (edited )

No, I can't stand cities or a lack of privacy.

A rural commune, on the other hand would rock.


OldHippieChick wrote

I can't stand cities and will probably die of exposure before trying to make a life in one. I don't see myself as being much of an asset to an intentional community at this point (pushing 60, vision issues, require electricity to access oral nutrition) but perhaps I might be able to do some sort of menial labour such as scrubbing toilets. Perhaps it might be less expensive to throw some garbage scraps at me than to hire a professional toilet scrubber.

Who knows. It sounds better than any other likely future. I can conceptualize it if I have a radically different appearance (pale skin) that cannot be ignored and can be used to explain away cultural differences (The Gringa Beggar) and used as an excuse for avoiding language other than two or three grammatically incorrect phrases that mean:

"Because my family doesn't want me any more."

"I don't know because I was very drunk at the time."

"Me scrub you toilet fifty cent."

It sure as hell isn't telling old family stories to the toddlers and teaching the teenagers how to make old family recipes when all the kids come to visit for Thanksgiving, but it's got to be better than what is realistically most likely to be my ultimate fate.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

My folk are trying to get our own rural commune going somewhere down the next couple years, but are probably gonna be stuck in the city for a while. I'm so tired of cars.


OldHippieChick wrote

I'm stuck in a little city but at least I got out of a big one.

I feel you.

Too bad I'm the one whose >you-aged kid hates them for moving from a big city to a little one.

Maybe families are just like that. Anyway, I'm glad to be posting on the same thread of the same internet forum with you, for whatever THAT's worth.