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PerfectSociety OP wrote

It creates in you a propensity to focus on your immediate material desires; gaining a shallow gratification from the products of capitalism rather than building a more sustainable praxis that bypasses the desire for 'things' so you can live independantly of the system and make your own things.

Why do you disagree with this argument?


ziq wrote (edited )

Because there's no reason you can't do both. Take what you need from the system while building a life apart from the system, like a commune as far from the law's reach as you can get. And then when that commune inevitably needs resources that can't be gained from nature (medicine, books, animals, farming equipment, solar panels, appliances, satellite dishes, computers), go back to the city and take them. Self-sufficiency works best when it's aided by illegalism.

I steal fruit and irrigation pipes from the rich farmers around my homestead. When I'm in town, I dumpster dive for food, furniture (outside a furniture warehouse usually - they dump cosmetically damaged furniture), appliances (an appliance store warehouse - when people buy new appliances, the store takes their old ones for recycling) and firewood (I steal palettes).

I also stole a new bathtub from a construction site and use it as a pond, as well as lumber, rebar and cabinets, and I take whatever other opportunities like that arise.