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OldHippieChick wrote (edited )

Thank you, Edmund.

Videl, I'm not very convincing either. My concern is the absolute lack of support and compassion you are likely to receive from the mainstream for this tragedy. Your grief deserves to be acknowledged.

As usual, I am the other side of the same coin as another poster and it didn't go any better for me than it did upthread: I prioritized the relationship, accepted the gifts from the family member, and I don't think I could possibly feel worse about the downward mobility, substance abuse, bulls and bears and bears and bulls, etc. of

ACAB, even the one I birthed in my own bed, nursed until he was done, and sang "All My Trials" to; that asshole wouldn't think twice about shooting me in the back for a dime.

Nobody's going to click on the hug smilie for you the way they did for Pastor's Wife when her kid ran off with Phish to grow Marry Wanny in Amsterdam.

Ain't nobody gonna listen to you cry but this imaginary spider on this Reddit for Radicals on thishere interwebz thingummy.

I am so sorry for your loss.

Like most family trauma, this one doesn't get better either, it just inexorably changes from sharp, unbearable pain to a dull ache that defines your existence.