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throwaway wrote (edited )

It already exists:

It works exactly like Netflix, except when you hit play, it torrents the movie and download it while you watch. Essentially, it's a torrent client with a very fancy UI and a neat search system.

e: As a bonus, it's licensed under GPL V3.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote (edited )

I use as recommended by the subreddit.

do you have any idea which is better between yours and mine?

hmm, looks like the .sh one doesnt have accessible source code?

I'll try switching to the .to popcorntime..


throwaway wrote (edited )

There must be some advantages to .sh since it's recommended in the sub, but I'll go with the FOSS solution without a doubt.

e: The source code for .sh can be found here:, it claims to be FOSS, but there's some minor copyright limitations. Not a big deal. Go with whatever you want, they're essentially the same.


PerfectSociety wrote

It says in the link that it has a built-in VPN. So then can I just start using it without downloading or setting up a VPN separately?


throwaway wrote

It's a paid VPN as far as i remember (I'm not certain, you should check it yourself).

... but VPN isn't a must in most countries. I've been pirating tons and tons of stuff (about three movies a week for five years) and I've only gotten one letter from a law firm telling me to pay them some minor fee. I never paid, and they never followed up on it.