Does Raddle Haves Fature?

Submitted by Romavatandasi in AskRaddle (edited )


I look at void and it was nazi shithole even their islam subreddit nothing more than hateful subreddit against islam.

Raddle looks good but where I can create forums? or will raddle improved?


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ziq wrote

Raddle will improve if its users make an effort to improve it. The most active forums are mostly the politics forums but if you work to bring people with other interests here and cultivate forums for those interests, the site can appeal to a bigger audience. It's really up to you.


Romavatandasi wrote

Who create this site btw?

Also raddle must improve interface before appeal to a bigger audience, I guess...

Rules, reports etc


BigGeorge wrote

You can change the interface in your user settings.

The link to the gitlab (the source code) is at the bottom of every page.


PerfectSociety wrote

The link to the gitlab (the source code) is at the bottom of every page.

Man, I wish I knew how to do this stuff or at least had the time to learn it.


lookin4 wrote

where I can found forums?

You want to create forums, did I understand that correctly? Beneath of the List of forums you'll find a button allowing you to do exactly this. I'm curious what you have in mind - feel free to post about it in f/newforums afterwards to spread the news.

Glad that you are here to take part in Raddle. Enjoy!


ziq wrote (edited )

Note: your account has to be older than 24 hours to make forums.