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Pop wrote

Depends on the people involved and the kind of bullying at least

One time a person would stalk me around school slapping me on the back when they got the chance

until I grabbed them and kicked the shit out of their shins

things were fine after that day :)


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote (edited )

imo that's the best way to stop bullying.

OP, teach your child that they need to fight back. Even if they loose, if they get 1 strong punch on the bully, the bullying will stop. At least that's how it works for boys, IDK if it works the same way for girls.

You need to make your child not scared of being hit, maybe by making them do a few trainings of [rugby? boxing?] or another sport where they get a litle hurt often.


rot wrote

In the u.s. if you touch another kid it makes the verbal bullying way worse. the teachers will join in and shame you for using violence and you could get expelled.

I wasn't really bullied as a kid tho so if someone hits them yeah they should fight back