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satchmoz wrote

What's stopping you from switching to Hurd?

I literally can't find out if sound support was finished, or what soundcards/audio chipsets it supports. Ive been asking around in various GNU online haunts since I saw audio support in some slides from a fosdem two or more years ago. I kind of want to play with it still. I've been daydreaming about seeing if I can get it working on a ASUS KGPE-D16 w/ Libreboot and then host a kind of thing on it. Not sure if I want to clutter my living space with a second home server this second though.

It's you really think I'd go around mocking Catholicism like they mock Gnu? Insulting Jesus if he developed a pot belly for medical reasons or if I didn't like his choice of hairstyle?

I get the general thrust of what your doing, but comparing Free Software to religion makes it sound like zealotry, when really what it is, is a user/human rights movement.

How do normal people handle anti-GNU shit online? Just stay away from Windows/Mac users? Not care about them? Turn off the friendship receptors in your brain or something?

Windows/Mac users I know tend to think of me as the wierd guy who runs neither Windows or Mac OS. When they ask for software recommendations I remind them I don't run their proprietary OSes.

I occasionally offer to help them install or obtain a more free OS on occasion if the need arises in conversation.

Occasionally my eyes do glaze over if discussions start up around and Anniversary updates or iWatch things I don't have. When those things come up I wait politely for conversations to touch on something I can add to. Generally I try and lead by example and not by preaching unless it is directly brought up.