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gone wrote (edited )

I yelled at my kids more than I remember, apparently.

I shouldn't have aborted #1 and I should have aborted #3, who shouldn't have existed in the first place because I should have run like hell when #2 told me she existed before the pregnancy test could.

I shouldn't have called my parents on the Thanksgiving that I was 16 because they really weren't that into being parents in the first place, so they would have been happier if I had just disappeared never to have been seen or heard from again.

I should have could have would have done all of these crazy and/or extremely minor things that could have rippled out in all these weird ways, like being in the right place at the right time to pick up a hitchhiker or hand a quarter to a stranger and then horrifically awful things never would have happened to people I never would have loved because I never would have "met" them on the internet it the first place.

But I could have said I had a headache or had to study for a test or just not been able to deal with sex one particular day and an amazing 30 year old human being would never have existed.


retiredaccount wrote

I carried my friend's life until it got to heavy and toxic and then I couldn't anymore and now they walk this world dead until they day they fulfil the promise they made to me to stay alive until they were fifty


gone wrote

Your friend might change their mind. Just saying. Forties are weird and so are thirties if you don't already know that. Fifties are stranger yet, at least as far as I know.


ziq wrote (edited )

Lots of things. Example: I accidentally stole a tarp and some clothes from someone who was probably poorer than me and I was too ashamed / afraid of retaliation to return the stuff when I realized it wasn't thrown out like we thought and they were just waiting for a ride.

I got the crap beaten out of me a year later when I went back to the area and was recognised by the person's friends, but it didn't help. Still think about it and get tourette's all the time where I start shouting insults at myself.