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Brick wrote (edited )

Yes! Great idea for an askraddle.

I love to turn my boss's against each other psychologically.

Steal boss 1's food out of the fridge, eat half of it, and put the rest on boss 2's desk while boss 2 is out. Get boss 1 to go to boss 2's desk for some made up reason.

I do stuff like this all the time and it keeps them both deeply distrustful of each other and makes the company ineffective.


Brick wrote (edited )

A simpler one: take boss 1's mug. Fill it with soup. put mug on boss 2's desk.

Make sure there are no security cameras if you do this stuff.


bloodrose wrote

Be less productive. Let low pay mean slow work. Surf raddle at work. Poop on company time.

Now, if anyone can figure out a way I can write a zine in Excel, I'll be stealing all the productivity. :-p


Bells_On_Sunday wrote

The main way I do this is by not believing the rubbish spouted by my bosses (corporate mission speak and that sort of thing) and apparently lapped up by my peers, and by acting on that disbelief when I'm asked to do something that contradicts it. I know not everyone has a job where they can get away with telling the boss "I would prefer not to". It didn't happen overnight and in most of the jobs I've had I'd have been shown the door pretty quick if I said I had no respect for my boss' values. Working for yourself would be even better that way.

Anyway, this is rather passive form of sabotage keeps me sane-ish.


ziq wrote

nothing bourgies love more than their status symbols. go after their cars. stick a rag in the exhaust, break off the hood ornament and scratch the paint up with it, slash their tires, break a key off in the lock, etc.


Cheeks wrote

If its a corporate place there is plenty of inspiration around.I worked at a pizza hut for a year. They had these posters in the break room regarding the million plus dollars lost to wasted cheese each year. I started dumping full cases of cheese in the trash and/or taking it home and giving it away. I left IWW info packs and literature everywhere. Always a good start.