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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

As I've written elsewhere, I'm not going to condemn anyone. I just respectfully request that if you're interested and have the time you download something like Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS (Long Term Support) and put it on a USB flash drive, and boot your laptop from that. If everything works out of the box, consider installing it. If not, forget it. There's a good chance everything will work.

Maintaining Linux isn't a second job. I've hit a few install headaches with my machines, and everything else just works. On one laptop I had to research and purchase a Linux-compatible USB wireless device because the builtin wireless wouldn't work, and on the same laptop battery life is poor. Installing my printer drivers for our newest printer was a pain. Our previous two printers were a Canon and an older Epson, but our new Epson required extra work.

Since installation, everything has worked fine with no effort for years.


bloodrose wrote

I'm due to purchase a new laptop soon so I will give it a shot. My experience on the amount of work it takes to run a linux system is admittedly very old.