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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

I understand. When you use Windows or Macs sometimes you don't know how something works, so you plug in "Windows 10 add ...." in a search engine or "OS X 10.3 add ..." in a search engine. It's no different for Linux, or anything else. But people get so used to one domain that everything else seems alien.

But for context, I consider my own inflexibility. I don't know how to make more than a basic stir fry or cook pasta dishes more complex than noodles with a sauce. I want to be better, but I just don't put the time. I hate paying a plumber for a lot of simple fixes, I should learn what I need to do more myself. But I don't put the time in. Likewise for sewing, music, dance, car repair, and dozens of other domains. So I'm definitely not a polymath, I just happen to be flexible inside the tech domain. I can't blame someone else who can do fifty things I can't for being inflexible inside tech.


OldHippieChick wrote

I really only become intolerant when it affects me, such as when I have to cancel other plans to try to figure out how to encrypt email on iOS for someone who refuses to use Thunderbird, which I already know.

It's humiliating, but sometimes the most expedient solution is to look confused and tell the cashier who harvests spammable email addresses for mallwart, "I....I just don't know. Sonny always has taken care of punk youters for me but he's not here right now because the gummit needed him to go to eye rack right away so I just don't know what my email address is."

My talking senior citizen's flip phone made me want to punch people in the face, so I just use Sopranica now and carry a pen and a memo book for everything else I would actually use a phone to do,