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edmund_the_destroyer wrote (edited )

I hate Microsoft as much as I hate Apple, but to be fair OneDrive should synchronize files between Windows machines as well as iCloud does. (Edit: There are also a number of third party applications that do the same thing. That includes syncthing, although that's mildly technical to set up.)

I have Linux machines, and I used to use periodic rsync commands to synchronize data between them. I'm switching to using 'syncthing' as an experiment.


AndMyAxe wrote

I don't know if OneDrive was a thing with Windows 7 already (which was the last Windows I used), but I remember having to work with OneDrive to return some school assignments and it was really inconvenient. iCloud is a lot easier to manage, at least IMHO.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

I have to use OneDrive for work and it seems passable. But I trust your judgment, I only touch it a few times a month.