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ziq wrote (edited )

Never leave this mountain. Never have to work again or deal with people.


Pop wrote

it's too far away to even make sense to me


GaldraChevaliere wrote

Take up arms and walk forever, only stopping when I hit a town I have a loved one in to stick around for a little while and spend time with them.


heckthepolice wrote

The honest answer is that I have no idea and that terrifies me. I know I whole lot of things that I don't want to do with my life, but not one that I do.


gone wrote

Write a book about it. Remember it fondly. Tell stories the way they actually happened instead of the way people want to believe things have to happen.

I'd still want to die even if I didn't have anything to escape from just because that's the way life works.

I'm almost done. Your turn now.


Just_An_Author wrote

I'd get immortality treatments at the earliest opportunity and go to space. There's a big galaxy out there, and I might even get to see a significant fraction of it before Andromeda collides with the Milky Way if I hurry.


rot wrote

Be an artist. And a gardener. I want to live out away from civ and be mostly self sufficient.

I lack motivation and I'm currently stuck in suburban hell world but if thing go as planed I'll be on my way soon.


tamarack wrote (edited )

Start a homestead and workshop somewhere in Vermont. Grow delicious food. Raise chickens, goats, and rabbits. Work as a carpenter and create beautiful, useful things. Read books. Grow juniper. Brew ethanol. Add juniper berries, spruce tips, and balsam fir sap to ethanol. Drink said infusion.* Grow cannabis. Smoke cannabis. Visit with friends and family. Go hiking. Build a little nucleus of resilient sustainability for my family, so as to give us the best chance of surviving the horrors which will shortly come to pass. Defend all the above with my life if necessary.

I already do some of those things. If it were up to me (I suppose it kind of is, all I'd need to do is kill some rich "people" and take their money), I'd do all of them.

* "Champion". Gin from Vermont. Coming soon to a purveyor of fine beverages near you.

// I've got a whole slew of commercials lined up for it, most of which involve drunk me chilling on my front porch with a G&T made with the aforementioned spirit and delivering a deliciously irreverent sales pitch. "Champion gin is brewed at a 94-proof strength, unlike those other, inferior spirits. FUCK TANQUERAY AND THEIR LIES!"


bloodrose wrote

I just want to make a little food forest somewhere and sit in the sun. I'm currently trapped working in an office and living in an apartment because I have to own land to do it. and land is pricey.