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gone wrote (edited )

The "F" word is awfully triggery for this community and I wouldn't have been comfortable with it. To some extent it's context and common sense: I couldn't stand Eminem until I heard "Mockingbird" for the first time and the connection I feel as a fellow single parent trying and failing to respectfully deal with a coparent's struggle with substance abuse is simply too strong for me to even hear his misogyny.

I have to take other people's word for it when they say it is too loud for them to hear the deafening roar of unbearable pain when his uniquely masculine form nurturing is castrated by society. That is all I can hear, but seventeen year old childless trans women ARE NOT ME.

I'd recommend the album conversationally rather than with links, but in such a way that it wouldn't be too hard for the individual to find--something like this only undoubtedly less wordy in language that suits your own personality:

"You would really like this album by foo! I was thinking about the same thing when I was listening to it last night. It's called foo, but I can't post it here because of offensive language."

As far as getting in the habit of listening to music with offensive language....yea, we both know the answer to that and we both know what a "subconscious" is and I know how hard that is too.

Same freaking lifeboat here, but sometimes I just gotta have me some tunes.

Only solution I can conceptualize atm is to fill my head so full of good music that there just isn't any room for the "F" word OR the "W" word.