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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I avoid brocialist music the same as I avoid brocialists.

If anybody's interested, the downvote was just a visiting mass-downvoting fash.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

Is that what that was? I saw some of the stuff I wrote in the free chat get downvoted and just assumed some SWERF got pissy.


gone wrote (edited )

I just assumed I'd accidentally been a major jerk and needed to clean up my act, lol.

Thanks from me too, TW.


zzuum wrote

In the few cases where they use it to make a point about it specifically, sure. Akin to the Nirvana song Rape Me, where he's not using it as a threat but to say something about rape more or less. Most cases though I doubt they are doing this.


gone wrote (edited )

In a family situation, I just tell my kid(s) "I can't say it, but you can" when they're rappin' away or composing poetry for their English classes.

Raddle isn't a kid, though; the mods are responsible for a large group of people they don't know as intimately as a parent would so they have to err on the side of caution.

I've had vents downvoted because my hyperbole was offensive to others and I appreciate it; that's helping someone learn impulse control and limiting the damage caused by venting steam by protecting more vulnerable people who can't handle it.

It's got nothing to do with whether people like ME; the downvotes are most likely to come from the raddlers who do.


PerfectSociety wrote (edited )

Depends on how the word is used. The n-word used in rap music isn't necessarily problematic because of the context of meaning with which it is intended. However, that doesn't apply obviously to all examples of slurs being used - sometimes they are indeed used as slurs rather than with a different intent. In those latter kinds of cases, they should probably be avoided.


gone wrote (edited )

The "F" word is awfully triggery for this community and I wouldn't have been comfortable with it. To some extent it's context and common sense: I couldn't stand Eminem until I heard "Mockingbird" for the first time and the connection I feel as a fellow single parent trying and failing to respectfully deal with a coparent's struggle with substance abuse is simply too strong for me to even hear his misogyny.

I have to take other people's word for it when they say it is too loud for them to hear the deafening roar of unbearable pain when his uniquely masculine form nurturing is castrated by society. That is all I can hear, but seventeen year old childless trans women ARE NOT ME.

I'd recommend the album conversationally rather than with links, but in such a way that it wouldn't be too hard for the individual to find--something like this only undoubtedly less wordy in language that suits your own personality:

"You would really like this album by foo! I was thinking about the same thing when I was listening to it last night. It's called foo, but I can't post it here because of offensive language."

As far as getting in the habit of listening to music with offensive language....yea, we both know the answer to that and we both know what a "subconscious" is and I know how hard that is too.

Same freaking lifeboat here, but sometimes I just gotta have me some tunes.

Only solution I can conceptualize atm is to fill my head so full of good music that there just isn't any room for the "F" word OR the "W" word.