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Tequila_Wolf wrote

Are you talking about us as a whole? We all have different beliefs, even among those of us who are anarchists. I'll have a shot at this but I imagine that other anarchists here will have better things to say because my focus is not obviously on green issues.

I suspect that most of us draw from a range of different sources, but anarchists can generally be divided into a handful of groups on the green issue I think (and I encourage others to correct me if I'm wrong).

All anarchists wholly reject state captalism and see it as a major source of environmental degradation, for many reasons including its need to continuously expand and consume resources on this finite planet.

Probably the most well-known of those who are primarily capitalism-critiquers is Murray Bookchin; His argument, that human domination and destruction of nature follows from social domination between humans, was a breakthrough position in the growing field of ecology. You can google him.

Beyond that, most anarchists with a green perspective also have a critique of civilisation beyond just critiquing state-capitalism and other hierarchical structures. Perhaps the most reasonable of these is post-civilisation anarchism. Take What You Need And Compost The Rest: An Introduction to Post-Civilised Theory is possibly useful there. But there's a lot of reading around various other anti-civilisation anarchism that will help this all make sense.

There's a nihilist view also, which is against everything, including state capitalism and civilisation, that has produced an interesting and worthwhile classic that assumes that we will not 'save' the world in time, and works to explore what liberation looks like when you do that. You can read Desert.

All of these will probably require at least a basic understanding of what anarchism is about, and so I've probably jumped the gun in explaining things to you if you aren't even familiar with that. Hopefully this is helpful though.


tusk OP wrote

I meant each person individually. I didn't think you all had the same beliefs.

Thanks for the links.


OldHippieChick wrote

My brother started with just an encyclopedia entry and then just wouldn't let it go. He explained through role playing and story writing until I "sort of" got it and then waited for puberty to pass and kept right on in his letters when we were young adults living 2000 miles apart without internet or telephones.

He never gave up on me.

Here, let's try this:

I'm not about to give up on you either, tusk, I just trust my newish friends here to explain things I can't or don't have time to.

Welcome here. I'm glad you found us.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Somebody should probably give you a sense of what anarchists are talking about when they are talking about civilisation; I can't do that right now.