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Fossidarity wrote

Food, it can be taken from dumpsters instead of bought in the store.


gone wrote

I was shocked at how much I could grow in containers with potting soil. It was supposed to be a stupid hobby, not a serious reduction in grocery bills.


PerfectSociety wrote

Music, video games, software of all kinds basically, any and all texts/comics/books/etc. - a few off the top of my head


videl wrote

Furniture. Home/garden stuff. This reminds me... I was thinking a dumpster diving forum would be cool.


gone wrote

The most expensive thing I buy right now is companionship. I strongly suspect that if I cannot overcome my breathing problem, I will be spending a lot more money on people to get things up and down from the shelves in my closet or other storage area, to carry my purchases to my vehicle, to mow my lawn, etc.

Those could be exchanged for childcare, tech support, or perhaps homemade bread even though I am not very good at submission and toilet scrubbing.


rot wrote

Water, you'd have to filter it though. Internet.


gone wrote (edited )

Internet and water both need to be filtered to be palatable these days.

I've been thinking about some sort of piratebox or freedombox kind of Little Neighbourhood Library thingy, either all public domain or intentionally disposable and dropped like incendiary devices in particularly bad neighbourhoods, like where Suddenstink is the only commonly known available broadband carrier.

It could take varying quantities of money and tech skills depending on circumstances and motivation.