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ziq wrote

I was groped by a drunk British woman in her 60s when I was 13 or 14, she backed me against a wall right in front of her husband and my mother. I was incredibly uncomfortable and no one else in the room even seemed to notice it was happening. I just squirmed away from her and left the building.


gone wrote

That's terrible! Mentally reverse the genders and imagine what would have happened because that's what SHOULD have happened.


bloodrose wrote

Well, I imagine very little would have changed were genders reversed. At least that has been my experience. People seem very quick to use children as they are treated as non-people whom adults have authority over. I am striving to teach my daughter bodily autonomy by never forcing my physical affections upon her so that if anyone does, it feels extra wrong.


gone wrote (edited )

True in many if not most social circles in 2018, I fear. :''(

Thank you for tactfully correcting me and reminding me to post an article in /f/parenting yesterday that I had forgotten to post or incorrectly assumed was no longer relevant and/or realistic

ziq, I am so sorry that happened to you too when you were that age. I hope I have the power to keep it from happening to the last 13-14 year old person I will ever have the power to protect from this specific type of sexual assault.