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ravengrace wrote

I am so sorry that this happened to you and it's gross that this happened. If this happens again I would suggest firmly telling her to stop and back away. I've learned to say STOP. I DO NOT LIKE THAT. Really loud so that it embarasses the person and step back. If she doesn't stop you can push her off you without hurting her.

To look at this from a feminist perspective .. it's actually a by product of patriarchy that men are expected to like every sexual advance. Men learn that from other men and women learn it from men too. Men use their sexuality and women's sexuality to oppress women. I'm sexually harassed almost everyday by men.

Feminism isn't thinking that women are perfect angels who can do no wrong. It's understanding that women are human beings who's existance is not to serve men. If you think women are always good and always victims sorry that's not feminism...