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OldHippieChick wrote

What GaldraChevaliere said, but I totally grok how uncomfortable that might feel if you are cis and AMAB.

What I would suggest is to start small and make sure her friends AND yours can hear you saying something along the lines of but more comfortable for your actual personality:

"Hey, I don't like that, but thanks for the compliment anyway."

"I said I don't like that! Stop! I'm shy!"

"PLEASE DON'T TOUCH ME. I don't like that, but I do appreciate the compliment."



"Thank you. I felt the same way when you did that to me as you did when someone did it to you. I am so sorry that happened to you. Do you want to talk about it? I won't hurt you. Are you okay? Do you need a ride home?"

Of course we don't live in that kind of world, so if it ever happens again, you just do the best you can, get the fuck out of dodge, stay safe, and don't stress about it.

That's what we (femmes of all genders and sexual orientations) have to do and what's good for the goose is good for the gander and bla bla bla do unto others and all that other sh*t I'm supposed to say that basically boils down to YOU MATTER.

Stay safe. Wish I'd been there to punch her in the face for you because I have a vagina and a flock of oxymoronic adult kids to prove it so I can do that.