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videl wrote

Well, it was definitely built up for a very long time but the straw that broke the camel's back was my first office job. It was a job that - for my age - people would consider me having "made it." But the job was pretty much meaningless and possibly actively harmful.

After being miserable working too much, I just thought "if this is what success in this system looks like then fuck this. Why am I even being paid for this? Everyone would be better off if I was paid to specifically not do this and to do nothing."

From there I sort of lost the ground beneath my feet, became very curious about everything, read more books in the few years that it's been than I have my entire life previously, and now here we are.

Useful part: I remember the first couple books that really brought me around were Miya Tokumitsu's Do What You Love and the Malcolm X autobiography. So if you want to radicalize office workers, maybe think of 1 these books.