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darsa wrote (edited )

I was in American Middle School when I got an arbitrary punishment for something I didn't do. It brought me to question why the teacher, the vice principal, the principal are above me. Then why my parents are. Then why anyone has the right to say they're above me or worth more than me or know more than me.

It was somewhat natural from there, after growing up and actually thinking about it in a way that made more sense (I signed up for this site recently, the day I turned 16) and my searches online lead me to anarchist literature; the ideas of horizontal organization, consensus, and of course the dissolution of hierarchy all came to be natural following my thoughts in my earlier childhood. Since then, I've been highly political and an advocate of anarchy, even if I don't understand most branches very well and only read some.

I know the beginning example is hollow and doesn't hold up to the other examples in this thread, it just really is the first time I can remember beginning to question why this world is how it is, over a minor detention.