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OldHippieChick wrote

It's more like waves and resonance than a single event but I think it all can be traced back to a little girl who looked up to her horrifically abused and misunderstood trans brother and a little boy who was left unattended with the "A" volume of his cousins' obsolete World Book encyclopedia and happened to read between the lines of a ridiculously oversimplified insult to Anarchists everywhere and everywhen.

I'll never know, but his idea was to write a story about what happened to children of political dissidents like the ones on the headlines in the newspapers in the early 1970s.

"Annie" became a very believable character and essentially who I thought I would be if I had been forced to live her life.

I wasn't, but I was forced to live my own life and I never once forgot that "Annie" was a nickname, even when I thought that my own instinctual gut-level political beliefs were a noxious oxymoron because I wasn't smart enough to understand communism OR libertarianism.

It's so exciting to find not only a huge group of Raddlers, but this enormous body of literature. I still can't bring myself to read Neitzsche until I can consistently spell his name correctly, but I love reading what Shahin has to say about him here:

and I love, even more, the fact that there is a bookmark in my browser software so that I CAN read Neet-shuh any time I darned well feel like it no matter what my kid's psychiatrist or my kid's student loan advisor thinks about it.

Does that make any sense at all?

No worries. I'll just edit it until it does or a mod will delete it for me if I can't.