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amongstclouds wrote

I actually dropped out of college 5 years ago for this exact reason. Sadly, without a piece of paper that says I did something for a long time and a long of money there are many recourses that I will be cut off from. All of the books in the world won't truly prepare one for such an endeavor.

The thought always comes rushing back and it's the only think I would personally willingly dig myself into debt for. #yolo


gone wrote


You could waste more money on stupider products. I don't even remember/know/conceptualize what I sold being able to pay off my credit card every month for.

I think it was some strange combination of avoiding my phobia about thermal paste and not wanting some cop to think I was an unfit parent and steal my kid or something.

You've got the gift, anyway, even if you do have to use it within the limits of an xtreme-ly broken system.


amongstclouds wrote

You're probably right. It's just tough knowing how to use my strengths in a way where I can help people and also not starve.