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OldHippieChick wrote

How about "life coach"? You could go ahead and hang out your shingle and be a lot less threatening to certain clientele.

A therapist is a medical professional and a red flag for employers, landlords, potential mates and dates, etc.

A "life coach" is kind of a silly thing to spend money on, but we all outgrow that kind of behaviour. Next question, Mr. job interviewer/judge/landlord/etc.?


[deleted] wrote


OldHippieChick wrote


You could waste more money on stupider products. I don't even remember/know/conceptualize what I sold being able to pay off my credit card every month for.

I think it was some strange combination of avoiding my phobia about thermal paste and not wanting some cop to think I was an unfit parent and steal my kid or something.

You've got the gift, anyway, even if you do have to use it within the limits of an xtreme-ly broken system.