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Tequila_Wolf wrote

That's something. I tend to write of psychology as a whole as mostly capitalist garbage but if it was done together with anticapitalist critiques of it and towards liberation rather than normalcy/cooptation it could be quite cool.

Do you know any good therapists?


amongstclouds wrote

Most of it is capitalist garbage and just an attempt to dominate people through less overtly-violent means. I want to play some part in at least opening people up to the idea of radical mental health, for instance. I also really just want to help people, because all of our problems are not solely societal. It's a very complex web on conflicting causes and effects.

One of my dear friends finished her master's a couple years back and she does art therapy for children with autism and it's truly beautiful work.

I am also from a military city and have always been around lots of trauma and as much as I may dislike many of those people I know they are victims of the military-industrial complex in many different ways. But their traumas lead to more trauma (which is why you find an increase in sexual assault and violence around militiary bases all over the world) and I just feel compelled to help.

Empathy is a curse sometimes.