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OldHippieChick wrote

Yea, I "went" to Stanford in the '80s.

Hanging out at the student union is great if you can invest in a good costume from the local thrift stores first. You may need to spend more money if you want to get away with peeking in doors, looking at your watch (smartphone?), and muttering believable stuff like, "I'm going to kill Jenny! We're already late and she KNOWS I can't read her handwriting.

Mostly I just wasn't too obvious about it and didn't expect it to by anything more or less than what it is: stealing an education from a very broken system.

More recently, I've "shopped" for online community college classes (in '00s) by digging through the dumpster in the back of the bookstore of the brick and mortar school and the dollar discount bin/free for shipping/usual sources of textbooks. Tuition sucks but textbooks were the real expense when I was stealing educations for my (double-digit aged) kids.