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ziq wrote

I feel like anything I'm passionate about would have all the joy sucked out of it in an attempt to commoditize it to fit into capitalism's gross little bubble.

That being said, I'll go with botany. Even though all the botanists I know are just pesticide mixers.


klave wrote

Came to comment this. Choosing to study what is currently your hobby is nice in theory. But after 1+ year it makes me regret it.


OldHippieChick wrote (edited )

Yea, I came to say "One of each, please." but after reading ziq's comment I think a more honest answer is that I would rather firebomb a university than pay it to indoctrinate me, but first I'd loot the arsenal and use it against anyone who tried to siphon up the hopes and dreams of my cubs and auction them off to the highest bidder to increase the profits of its shareholders.


RosaReborn wrote

This I love my field of study, Material Sciences, and I wish I could delve deeper into it because there are so many interesting topics and room for research to grow. But most of what they teach is what is economically exploitable and careers in the field are invariably some of the most capital feeding in all of science: namely "how do I make this but cheaper" or "how can I get a passable product but cheaper"


RosaReborn wrote

But also I'd love to study Literature and possibly dabble in art history or something similar


daniel wrote

I went to college on a full ride thinking about botany initially but settled on general biology. Turns out I just wanted to be a farmer, that is what I am doing now.