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amongstclouds wrote

I don't think anyone or any group or any thing has any say over what comes next and how soon this thing comes. Time isn't a straight line -- I like the idea of Indras Net as an example of how all phenomena interact together.

Here is the metaphor: In the realm of the god Indra is a vast net that stretches infinitely in all directions. In each "eye" of the net is a single brilliant, perfect jewel. Each jewel also reflects every other jewel, infinite in number, and each of the reflected images of the jewels bears the image of all the other jewels — infinity to infinity. Whatever affects one jewel effects them all.

In our modern world there is this idea that time and life itself moves in some 'progressive' direction, but things are much more complex and chaotic than that. There is a whole myriad of things pulling everything else in it's own direction at the same time and in all directions.

It's the idea of control that has us in our current state of affairs. The Curse of Greyface is certainly real in some shape or form.