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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I don't believe that it will inevitably collapse, I think it has the capacity to adapt to whatever situations it's faced with if it's given enough time. I'm interested to hear why you do!


nov wrote

Also capitalism is a fairly broad concept and is often somewhat hand wavy. If you are talking about the collapse of something, a specific and active function, I would like to have a greater sense of what we mean here.

Owners collecting rents?

Regulatory capture by large entities?

Market based resource allocation?

Expansionary economics?

Unsustainable production methods?


Fossidarity wrote

I'll just take the first 2 lines from Wikipedia:

Capitalism is an economic system based on private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit. Characteristics central to capitalism include private property, capital accumulation, wage labor, voluntary exchange, a price system, and competitive markets.

This suits what I want to see collapsed well enough.


nov wrote

In which case, my answer is probably never. Voluntary exchange wont collapse ever. Private property in at least some its forms will never collapse. I doubt price based markets will disappear.


Fossidarity wrote

I think that all systems will eventually collapse, be it at the destruction of the solar system by the sun dying. But that's not really constructive for this conversation.

I believe that the collapse of capitalism in it's current form will happen. Of course some elements might be preserved and it might even be replaced with something much worse. But I do believe that the high level of ecological unsustainability will lead to ecological collapse which in turn must lead to at least the end of the current form of capitalism. The question is what form it will mutate in to or if it will be replaced completely by something else (hopefully something better).

I realize this all sounds a bit wishy-washy but nobody can predict the future of course.