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ziq wrote

Personally, I downvote people if I don't like them.


nofapper OP wrote

Isn't that like a popularity contest?


ziq wrote

Very much so. That's generally how 'liking' / 'upvoting' works. You reward the things you like and show your disapproval for the things you dislike.


OldHippieChick wrote

We all do it. I try not to, but it becomes subconscious and reflexive, especially if you think "your" person is being unfairly persecuted by haters and you are just innocently trying to undo some Bad Guy's vandalism.

No idea how to fix this in the context of an internet community, just raising my hand to say "me too".


amongstclouds wrote

Same. I'm not going to try and butter it up. If I don't like something I'm going to do whatever I can to see that I doesn't get anywhere.