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nofapper OP wrote

Yes it's bad if it takes over your life and you never go outside because you need to look at pornhub and 4chan/reddit girls all day long chasing that high you get when you cum but then after you cum you feel like shit until you get horny again so you can fap again so you can get high again. And your dick gets really cut up and it hurts the whole time.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

All you're saying is people with poor impulse control are prone to addictive behavior. I dunno about you, but unless I'm thinking about something particularly shameful (I still have a lot of baggage I need to work out tbh) I don't feel bad after I finish. Granted, I usually don't do more than maybe twice a day if I'm alone and bored, but any bad feelings associated with that have a lot more to do with culturally instilled shame than any kind of post-rub crash.


this_one wrote

Right. So it's not inherently bad. It's bad if it's a problem, but so is anything. More relevantly, I'd hazard to guess that for most people, it's not a problem. Maybe I'm wrong, but even so, it's definitely no problem for me.