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Pop wrote

What do you think of the nofap movement?


Does chronic masturbating make us fail?

what is 'chronic' and who is 'us'


nofapper OP wrote

Chronic - I masturbate about 5 times a day. More on weekends. I'd say chronic is anything more than once a day.

Us - humans trying to lead productive lives.


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

You sound like a young teenage boy. Masterbating is normal. Get some good lube and go gentle on yourself and you and your dick will be fine.


OldHippieChick wrote

If circumcision is involved then I am so not up for talking about this in public again.

If you need to buy condoms, then you need to toss a tube of KY in the cart too. On the shelf next to the KY if you are lucky there might be a similar product called "Astro-glide" or something similar that sometimes comes out "astro-gloob sex-lube" when one is trying very hard not to laugh while discussing it with one's own teenaged sons.

If you have enough money to purchase this product then you buy that instead of the KY because that is what decent people do.

If you are having sex with someone who has a penis and that person doesn't have a foreskin, you buy that stuff because that is what decent people do.

Even if the person you are fantasizing about having sex with is yourself.

If you are not a young teenaged or preteen boy, please forgive me.