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daniel wrote (edited )

There are far more women in attendance than men. They seem to enjoy the service equally as much as the men if not more. Women hold important positions as well upto and including leadership, most of the elders and deacons are women. Not sure what kind of churches you're going to, but if you are just going for community and ignoring the theology then it's probably always going to seem problematic.


bloodrose OP wrote

I, too, often see more women in attendance than men at church. But they're also listening to how abortion is wrong, how women are mothers and helpmeets and taking in these gender roles like they're 100% okay. As someone who is a working mother with a stay-at-home husband, I do not jive well with gender roles.If there was a church that wasn't anti-abortion, was pro-women, I'd be really interested in learning about them. The closest I can see to the type of community I'd be interested in are Quakers but I don't know what they're like towards women.


mofongo wrote

You could try to pm /u/Dumai. They're a Quaker and very willing to answer any question you may have about it. They quit the site not long ago but they may still log in once in a while.


daniel wrote

What is a helpmeet? Any why be preoccupied with other people's contentment of their conformity or nonconformity to traditional gender roles... You seem to be the embodiment of doing what you want to do and being who you want to be, no one is oppressing you right now. Others in similar countries where those liberties are enjoyed are free to do the same, they choose not to. It's not my place to judge whether a woman prefers to be content as a nurturing caregiver stay-at-home mom or an abortion having alpha career-driven breadwinner. To each their own. No matter where you have been or what you have done, God knows and loves you perfectly anyway.


bloodrose OP wrote (edited )

I did not mean that they should not listen to such things, only that I would not be content in the same environment because of what is being said. I apologize for my lack of clarity.