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ravengrace wrote

-food not bombs

  • documentary screenings -book clubs -Local music shows -sharing skills
  • have a potluck
  • share music and zines
  • help eachother

OldHippieChick wrote (edited )

FNB was what helped me the most in 2005-2006ish and would be my go-to answer to random broken people if I had enough confidence that the security culture in my own area was the exception rather than the rule.

Do be aware the FNB is considered a "Terrorist Organization" by the United States Government and that poor security culture could limit your future travel options.

It's none of my business whether or not you consider this to be a small price to pay for community. If you are over the age of 16, then you have the right as well as the responsibility to live with the consequences.

Paper pen pal registries might be an alternative to the internet. They worked okay in the 20th century. John Holt always made sure that his magazine for illegalists was always delivered in a plain brown wrapper.

ETA: Typing without thinking again; OP is a USAmerican mother; FNB is out of the question for her.


bloodrose OP wrote

Another USA mom I know has to do community service and her county is allowing her to elect to help FNB. FNB was something I was thinking of getting into, actually. I like the idea of feeding people and I love to cook. Do you have any links about the FNB "terrorist organization" stuff? I'd be interested in learning more.