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Maybe a dumb question but I'm not entirely sure what to believe. I know that the way things are done now, today's population levels are unsustainable.

Is there any way to maintain global population levels sustainably? Obviously, the end of capitalism would help but would it be enough?

Sources that I could read would be appreciated. thx



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Zzzxxxyyy wrote

I don’t know the answer, but I think if everyone actually consumed as little as needed we’d be fine.

Instead everyone is driving and flying around, eating meat, over working, etc.


RandomNoob wrote

In the 20th century, they thought global population was reaching an impossible limit and people feared this would lead us to global world hunger and a death tool in the millions. That never happened. Truth is overpopulation is not the problem, the problem is that more and more people are adopting Western lifestyle in the developing countries and we're wasting to much ressources


surreal wrote

well 30 years ago the polulation was the half of what it is now.