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Pop wrote

I tried mastodon for about an hour

I think I missed out on what was appealing about it


0w0 wrote

I used Diaspora years ago, how is it now?


bloodrose wrote (edited )

I tried MeWe. I didn't find it very engaging, honestly. And I couldn't get my family over there for all the family organizing, etc.


bloodrose wrote

Aand, I decided to check back into MeWe and see if there was any improvement. The owner of the anarchism group used a slur against a trans people...aaand, I'm out again. Screw MeWe.


rtsn wrote

I used to love gnusocial back in the day.

Now I mostly use irc, xmpp and mastodon.


selver wrote

Mastodon. I check it out from time to time, but people I follow on Twitter aren't on there.


ergdj5 wrote

I really like Mastodon, I use it like twitter as a way to get random thoughts thrown out, its kinda nice. Obviously here, and Matrix too. Other than that, I don't use other social medias.


lookin4 wrote

Mastodon, GNU Social,, diaspora*, Friendica, Hubzilla and two others which name I didn't recall right now...


ziq wrote

Does Telegram or Matrix count?