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tech_guru wrote (edited )

Well, it depends on what you want to download. I would have suggested you try TPB or RARBG.TO previously but since I got to know about Cloud sites, I'm amazed and would suggest you try Off-cloud and, They let you stream from any device once taken on the cloud. You can see more of such services from here


selver wrote (edited )

For what? TV shows I use IPTorrents, movies I use PassThePopcorn. They are private trackers, need an invite. Haven't found anything better.

Libgen for books.


RandomNoob wrote

Yeah, I was looking at a torrent where you could find more books, thanks the information!


trashcan wrote

I generally get TV from tpb and movies from rutracker. Then I'm on a few private trackers that I'll check when I can't find things anywhere else.