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didiDIDI wrote

Zikode's speech here covers the ground:

The ANC’s new talk about ‘expropriation of land without compensation’ is a new voting campaign for the ruling party that aims at attracting black majority voters. The ruling party has lost its credibility with millions of people. It is hoping that this campaign will restore its credibility. But when they talk of expropriation as taking land from white farmers we know that land will go to black elites. We know that at the same time impoverished black people will be violently driven off urban land occupations in unlawful and brutal evictions. Democratically organised land occupations from below will continue to be criminalised.

It was surprising for me also to see the 'news' on this website that the government here was taking the land, because that's not what's happening. By my best guess there is going to be an endlessly long bureaucratic process that will amount to very little becoming possible and even less being done. We'll see.