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NeoliberalismKills wrote

The store manager. Yes. She uses condescension and rage to control people. People are literally afraid to ask her a question because you never know if she'll be decent or vicious. She makes a lot of money to do it too.

Most of the assistants are just like me in that they're doing the best they can to feed their families. They get judged based on how they treat me. Dislike some but cannot say I hate them. They aren't vicious ass holes.


lookin4 wrote

Yes and No.

The invisible, unknown person, remaining in anonymity in headquarters or on-site who irretrievable decided to dismiss me instead of talking to me, seeing and hearing my suffering and avoided answering my questions and demands, YES!

+++ GAME OVER +++

Some of my direct colleagues and supervisor, NO! It's no hate in me - but rather a feeling of disappointment and betrayal. I do not want to imply anything, but in case of (now upcoming or existing) fear of loosing their job it is somehow comprehensible that some of the remaining staff will keep silent and continue to compete with one another. I can empathize with some of them who are a single-parent or handicapped.


ravengrace wrote

I have hated every boss I've ever had except one. I feel no sympathy for them ! Even the so called family business fuck their paycheck and their kids piano lessons. They wanted me to chase shoplifters out of the store lol. And told me I had to buy a coffee for my mean coworker to make her like me . wtf


bloodrose wrote (edited )

God, yes. She's a bully who victim blames her mother for being abused by her stepfather growing up, and seems to be continuing the cycle of abuse to anyone she can make take it.


selver wrote

Yes. I've not had problems with them personally yet, but they exploit people ruthlessly.


Pop wrote

My main boss is fash

I don't hate him because I don't think hate is useful for me
but if there's a chance to get him I will


rot wrote

Never even seen em'

Manager's a little dumb but she's ok as a person