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MichaelPemulis wrote

some shitty unorganized thoughts before i run off to work; excuse the sloppiness and try not to be an asshole if you're gonna reply to me

What does Raddle offer that other platforms do not? I like a lot of the way this site is run and am sick of supporting corporations that tolerate hate speech and endlessly try to monetize content/data, but unfortunately I don't think that being in opposition to something is much of an appeal to people. As well, original content can only take a community so far - there are plenty of incredible blogs, websites, etc that have fantastic writing but little audience.

Perhaps we should encourage local anarchist groups to use this platform to communicate with one another? Or LGBTQIA groups? Maybe that would fracture things too much if that push was successful, but then how does the site deal with the incessant trolling that would inevitably arise?

alternately we could (semi)regularly name-drop this site on certain subreddits. i know plenty of these communities have some incredibly toxic elements but... just some ideas:

  • /r/chapotraphouse
  • /r/anarchism
  • /r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns
  • /r/latestagecapitalism
  • /r/breadtube
  • /r/collapse

That might open the floodgates for trolling though

If any of us here is popular on social media we could shout out Raddle on like Twitter or some shit but I haven't played the "get e-cred" game in a long time. I yield no social influence.

Maybe we should be having more active discussions like this on a daily basis and encouraging every one here to come together on What is the ratio between discussion posts and links to other websites?

I do know that the whole alt-accounts incident from several months back really soured things in the eyes of the dozen or so people I know who I've mentioned the site to.

Perhaps applying a more traditional-corporate "project management" lens to this shit would be beneficial.

I don't know just some random thoughts and fuck now im incrediblty late for work again